What is a zipless wetsuit

What is a Zipless Wetsuit? (Tips and Tricks)

A zipless or zipperless or zip-free wetsuit are all the same name for the same wetsuit. But what is it and how does the wetsuit work?

Zipless or zip-free wetsuits are the same as a normal wetsuit, but there are no zippers involved when putting the wetsuit on.

Zip free : Zipless : no zip wetsuit front and back view
Zipless or Zip free wetsuit

Are zipless wetsuits better?

I think zipless wetsuits are not necessarily better than other wetsuits. But some people will not buy any other wetsuit than a zipperless. There are3 a few reasons:

  • More flexible
    They say it is by far the most flexible wetsuit on the market. You have double the amount of flex because there is no zipper and the neoprene is more stretchy than a normal wetsuit. The neoprene has more stretch to make it easier to put the wetsuit on. So it should be easier to paddle while surfing or do easier grabs while kiting.
  • Less flushing
    They say that the wetsuit has less flushing (water in and out the wetsuit) than a front or back zip wetsuit. So it should be more sealed with no zippers and less seams in the wetsuit.
  • No zipper is getting loose or irritating
    There is no zip and no cord so they can not get loose or start irritating when you are surfing or kiting.
  • Should be warmer
    Because there is no zipper in the wetsuit you get less flushing, so the water in the wetsuits stays longer warm.

What are the disadvantages of a zipless wetsuit?

There are a lot of reasons why people do not like the back zip wetsuit anymore and will never buy them again. I will show you some of these reasons:

  • Hard to put on and off
    I think this is probably the main reason why people are not happy and do not buy the zipperless. It is a bit of a hassle to wiggle yourself into the wetsuit, also when the wetsuit is wet. Some people can not even put the wetsuit on and off by themself. 
  • The opening is getting stretched out after a while
    If you are bigger and have a hard time getting in the wetsuit you may overstretch the opening from the wetsuit and after a while, it is to0 much stretched and it might not be as tight anymore so the suit starts flushing (water comes more in and out of the wetsuit). Also, you could damage the seams while overstretching the suit. 
  • Wearing the suit halfway is too tight
    It is a bit of a silly reason, but while reading I thought: it is a reason to mention ;). When you wear the suit halfway (that means the arms and neck from the wetsuit are on your waist) – most of the time this happens when you are starting your session or having a small break –  they say the wetsuit is too tight on your waist and it is not really comfortable. 

How to put on a zipless wetsuit?

Putting a wetsuit on is always a bit of a hassle but the zipperless would be the hardest if you are not doing it the right way. 

  • Step 1: So first find the opening from the wetsuit, mostly it is around the neck or collar. 
  • Step 2: Now reach down inside the suit and grab the inside from the arms and pull them out of the wetsuit. 
  • Step 3: If it is possible roll it open to the waist till you have some sort of pants or trousers. 
  • Step 4: Try to put one leg in the opening and pull up to your knees and the other leg then pull up to your waist. 
  • Step 5: Now find the arm with the opening in the wetsuit. This side is more flexible than the other and try to fit one arm in there. Lift your arm up, that makes it easier to pull your arm to the end and lift it over your shoulder. 
  • Step 6: Pull the other side of the suit down and put your arm in the opening till the end. Also lifting your arm in the air makes it easier. 
  • Step 7: Now check if the wetsuit has the correct position. 
  • Step 8: Reach for the opening (the collar) of the wetsuit and pull it over your head.  Make the adjuster fully loose to make it easier and not overstretch the neoprene. 
  • Step 9: When the wetsuit is a bit too loose around your neck pull the adjuster to make it more tight and sealed. 
  • Step 10: Your good to go surfing or kiting 😀

It is not the best video, but it gives you an idea of the wetsuit and its method. 

How to take off a zipless wetsuit?

  • Step 1: First loosen the adjuster at the neck or chest. 
  • Step 2: Then grab the opening from the wetsuit and pull it over your head again to the right or left side (depends on the wetsuit).
  • Step 3: Now grab the end of the left sleeve and pull your arm back to get your arm out of the sleeve. Do the same with the right arm.
  • Step 4: Pull or roll the wetsuit down first till your hips than the knees and carefully all the way to your ankle.
  • Step 5: Now try to pull your legs out one by one with your thumbs and try not to stand on your wetsuit.

I tried to find a video of someone taking off a zipless wetsuit but there wasn’t any. So maybe in the future, we will make it ourselves :).

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