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About us


WetsuitsYou started in 2021. There are so many different wetsuit types, sorts, and brands out there why is no one explaining what brand or wetsuit is the best for what sport, temperature, and why.

With the passion for watersports in general (specific kitesurfing, foiling) we thought why not build a website and try to order all the information as completely as we can. Helping other people search for information and making easier decisions.

WetsuitsYou is determined to help you find the best wetsuit. Providing you with the relevant information you need to make the right decision. Keeping an important eye for sustainability and environment-friendly wetsuits.

Next to the passion for watersports we also want to create more love for the sea, nature, and animals.

This is why we want to inspire people and brands to make better decisions for the planet. That is another goal of ours. Searching and sharing information to help people and brands get better and more information about eco-friendly products, and processes.

  • Help people with better knowledge about the wetsuit material they buy. And help them make better decisions with more complete information. Finally stimulating them to buy or choose an eco-friendly brand or wetsuit.
  • Help brands try to be more eco-friendly and transparent about their fabric, performance, manufacturing process, and transport.

Our vision on the wetsuit industry

We believe that neoprene (rubber) firms and brands should aim for a more transparent, environmentally responsible, and circular industry. This involves the material they use, the performance of the wetsuit, the manufacturing process, and the transportation. Hopefully, in the future, it is possible to recycle and produce only with natural or recycled materials. Trying to create a circular, eco-friendly, or closed-loop industry.